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Monkey Remix is a DJ Pool Exchange - set up due to the high priced, illegal practices of so-called "legitimate record pools". They charge too much, they lie about licences, and they have been found out. Join our movement. We call all DJs to take back their promotional music. You play it, you promote it, you shouldn't have to pay for it!!!

For DJs Only!

Our service is strictly for DJs only! This is because the promotional edits contained here are specially edited for DJs to play. It is imperative that these promo tracks and videos do not get in the general domain. 

Worldwide Access

We do not have any country or territory restrictions. Download from us wherever you are based in the world. As long as you are on planet earth for most of the day!!!

Music First!

A truly great Record Pool brings it’s DJs the hottest tracks and remixes first. We get sent the hottest promos direct from some of the biggest record labels on the planet! 

Videos First!

As with the music, videos need to be distributed to our VJs immediately. We update daily with huge video packs! VJs Be Warned: Start shopping for an external HDD

Monthly Subscriptions

You only pay per month. There are no longer contracts you have to sign, but if you want to save money, you can sign up for longer, and even life. Never worry about paying for music again! 

No Download Limits

We do not limit any of your downloads. Depending on which host you choose, they may have a daily limit, but this is usually a “fair usage” limit and is around 100Gb per day – which is more than plenty 

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